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“Thank you. Two words, in any language, conveys gratitude with meaningful intention.”
—The Giftsmith

Give a gift of gratitude steeped in legend. An Emperor enrobed tea trees in red robes as a gesture of gratitude for curing his mother's illness. Elevated finds designed to offer pleasure and relaxation. This special, indulgent gift is perfect for celebrating birthdays, friendships and more.


Product Details

Honeysuckle Apothecary Jar Candle by Barr Co. A heady, floral fragrance infused with sweet honeysuckle nectar and herbaceous greens.

Oolong Tea by Silver Needle Tea Co.. Handmade. Delightfully smooth with hints of cocoa, wood, sweet caramel and a lingering honeysuckle finish.

Golden Honey by Drizzle. A rich, bold and raw honey. An everyday luxury.

Tea Chocolate by Mast.The table is set. The scones and biscuits are out. The ritual has begun with a modern twist.

Hazelnut Mini Chocolate. A combination of roasted hazelnuts and creamy dark chocolate. 

Device Wipes. Useful towelettes for cleansing personal electronics, phones, tablets and other tech devices.

Giftsmith Keepsake Wood Box. Engravable and reusable and perfect for storing mementos.

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