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“The ritual of shaving is steeped in tradition and is a rite of passage that is handed down through generations.There is nothing more coveted than a close shave.”
—The Giftsmith

A freshly shaved man exudes a distinct confidence. Give a gift that speaks to the art of the close shave with luxurious products that will pamper and indulge a special man. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or an unexpected gesture of love.


Product Details

Grooming Kit by Creative Brands. The perfect gift for the perfectly groomed man. This set includes tweezers, scissors, comb and a shaving brush.

Reserve Hand and Body Cream by Barr Co.Scented with nicotiana, patchouli, cedar and oak oils, this earthy fragrance is perfect for men. The Shea butter, aloe leaf juice and other fine ingredients give this cream its rich moisturizing qualities. It will leave skin smooth and delightfully fragrant.

Pre Shave Formula by Crown Shaving Co. This non-greasy, pre-shave blend is perfect for men with sensitive skin. It’ll soften hair and, more importantly, your skin underneath for the closest, smoothest shave possible.

Shave Cream by Crown Shaving Co.Made with only the best ingredients, namely eucalyptus and spearmint (both of which nourish skin), this cream makes for a close, comfortable shave that leaves skin smooth and unscathed.

After Shave Tonic by Crown Shaving Co.  This after shave tonic carries notes of tobacco, leather, Bay Rum and barber’s talc. It also has glycerin and neem oil, both godsends for keeping skin smooth and moisturized.

After Shave Lotion by Crown Shaving Co. No one likes a greasy after shave lotion, which is why this is anything but. It’s also lightweight in composition, so it’ll absorb fast while soothing freshly-shaven faces.

Giftsmith Keepsake Wood Box. Engravable and reusable and perfect for storing mementos.

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