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The Brew Break

“Ah, coffee. Your intoxicating aroma awakens the senses to start the day and perks up dull afternoons. Your allure is undeniable! ”
—The Giftsmith

Sleek, simple and luxe. Elevate the morning coffee ritual. Pair a sophisticated mug with a luxurious coffee and an artisan chocolate to nourish the soul. A versatile gift for family, friends, clients and beyond.


Product Details

Black Walnut Mug by Swig. This sophisticated travel mug keeps drinks cold up to 9 hours and hot up to 3 hours. The cup holder friendly shape makes it the perfect travel companion, to and from the classroom, the conference room or even just your living room!

Coffee By Oliver Pluff & Co. A great coffee to start the day or to enjoy with your favorite evening treat. Tasting Notes:  Milk chocolate, caramel, nut flavors, medium roast with a medium acidity, medium body and average sweetness.  

Mini Coffee Chocolate by Mast Brothers.Leave on bedside table for morning emergencies. Even when you are indulging in handmade chocolate, a dose of locally roasted coffee is often mandatory.

Giftsmith Gift Box. Reusable and perfect for storing mementos.