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The Reveler

“A cold pint in a grand vessel encourages philosophical thoughts and conjures up ideas of immortality ”
—The Giftsmith

Revelers Rejoice! Modern medieval in a gift! Embody the peak of medieval revelry with a gift that speaks to celebrating in grand fashion. Elevate the beer drinking ritual. Pair a sophisticated tankard with luxurious cards and a salty side. Let the Merriment commence!


Product Details

Barrel Tankard by Izola. Ah, the beloved tankard. Izola added their own twist to this 13th century artifact by producing the classic shape in ceramic rather than pewter or wood. This way, the tankards embody the peak era of medieval revelry, but are much much easier to clean.

Potato Sticks and Spanish Almonds by Salted Co. Fancy Cocktail Nuts. Valencia Almonds, Potato Sticks and Sea Salt. Pairings: classic cocktails, cider, beer. Gluten free and vegan

Luxury Playing Cards by Theory 11.The world's finest playing cards. Featuring custom artwork, gold foil card boxes, premium embossing, and the highest quality stock and finishes. The result is an exquisite blend of beauty and elegance.

Giftsmith Gift Box. Reusable and perfect for storing mementos.

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