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The Ritual

“Self care is not self indulgence. It is self preservation.”
—The Giftsmith

Encourage self care rituals with a versatile gift of sophisticated finds. The aesthetic of this gift, makes it a perfect choice for the holidays, anniversary, birthday or an elevated "thinking of you" gesture. Feed the soul and spirit of someone special.


Product Details

Silk Eye Mask by Made by Yoke. Gold.This luxurious silk eye mask can help you ease into a restful night of sleep. Silk naturally helps to protect skin from unwanted creases around the eyes and above the brow. This mask is soft, smooth, cool to the touch and breathable creating a relaxing sensation.

Incense by Made by Yoke. Ritual. Hand-dipped and California sun-dried. Soft frankincense and myrrh blend used for centuries to inspire spiritual energies within. Burn before or after meditation, or in any sacred space to calm, relax, and center. 20 sticks per box.

Square Brass Incense Holder by Made by Yoke. This handmade, brass incense holder is a beautiful and functional way to bring vitality into your bedroom, home office, or studio. Deceptively simple, the square design serves as an ash catcher and a backflow incense holder. After the incense is lit, the smoke curls downward, creating a dreamy visual effect. When not in use, the holder sits beautifully as a miniature work of art.

Luxury Wax Melt Flower by Aria Home Decor. Linen. Luxurious wax melt flowers are handmade with soy wax, non-toxic fragrance oils and natural powders to bring neutral colouring and shimmers. A luxurious take on clean linen. Florals, musk, and white woods blend with fresh clean cotton and marine accords.

Giftsmith Keepsake Wood Box. Engravable and reusable and perfect for storing mementos.

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