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June 26, 2021 2 min read

"Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words." - Francois Rebelais

A gesture given unexpectedly, for no apparent, or date defined, reason (birthdays, anniversaries) creates meaningful connections and leaves lasting impressions.

Meaningful, mindful and unanticipated gifting serves as a conduit to allow relationships to flourish and elevates the everyday. The ultimate intention is to bring joy, delight, solace or comfort.

At Giftsmith, the gifting process involves taking careful stock of personalities, passions, quirky idiosyncrasies and even dislikes. We are always mindful that gifting is a deeply personal journey and must reflect, not only the recipient but also the sentiment and intention behind the gesture.

A deliciously, dark brew and hand made cookies for a dear friend. A well appointed front porch gift for a neighbour who has a smile and wave for everyone. The very simplistic act of creating an occasion is what elevates every day gifting.
"People will never forget how you make them feel" - Maya Angelou.


We are very detailed oriented and place a huge emphasis on our presentation. It conveys our messaging and intention as a luxury and modern gifting company. Each recipient receives a "menu card". It details the name of their custom gift and its contents with a little note of how pleasurable it was to curate it just for them. This "card" creates context and helps build anticipation for the actual unveiling.

Our gifting is a fine balance, reflecting our client's intentions and our aesthetic. A seagrass basket with a whimsical Tea Time inspired gift, lends a casual sophistication to an afternoon tea or an impromptu picnic. Every day, unexpected gifts can inspire extra ordinary moments and make lasting memories. The basket (destined to be repurposed) then serves as a reminder of kindness in the moment and beyond.

We strive for our brand to resonate with our audience. Honoring their expectations is key. We love collaborating on custom gifting because it is a true meeting of the minds. We are always grateful and honored when a client gives us creative carte blanche, while we still remain respectful of their budget and gifting context.

Careful curating, thoughtful planning and impactful presentation makes an unexpected gesture memorable.

Elevating the every day to be extraordinary can be effortless with the right inspiration and execution. 



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