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Hello Friend

As Kathleen Kelly wrote to Joe Fox in “You’ve Got Mail” (one of my favorite movies of all time),
“Dear Friend, I always like to start my notes to you as if we are already in the middle of a conversation.”
Gifting is a very personal journey and by approaching it as if we already know each other helps forge a meaningful connection.
I am opinionated and passionate about the art of giving. I love executing everything in my life with dedication, attention to the details and a healthy dose of flair.
I especially love beautiful things.
Beautiful things are not necessarily expensive things. Oh no!
Beautiful things are crafted and curated with care and elevated with the right emotion and intention.

Presentation is so important to me and speaks volumes especially if you are not there to witness the gasps of delight and sighs of wonderment as your gift is being opened.

Our efforts on your behalf, express the commitment and the sentiment that goes into a singularly, perfect gift for anyone.
And I mean anyone! From a gracious neighbour to a colleague or a fabulous girlfriend.
Our gifting habits are evolving.
Giftsmith affords you the privilege of knowing that your gift will indulge and elevate the recipient's experience.

Our focus is to think of all the ways to indulge those flirty palpitations before opening a gift. A colour (to soothe or excite), a fragrance (that moment when your love leans in smelling like soap), an emotion, (sipping Champagne in a claw foot tub) and yes, dare I say, savouring a cup of tea while reading Pride and Prejudice (for the hundredth time).
So, there you have it!
The essence of Giftsmith. Luxurious and intentional gifts presented with Instagram worthy vibes for those we love, cherish and are grateful for… or… just for you!