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Pinky's Up

“Tea is quiet. Tea is calm. Retreat into the silence that envelops you like a warm, restorative hug."
—The Giftsmith

An elegant gift, in sophisticated blush tones, for those who hold the tea leaf in high esteem. Designed to inspire happy repose and to bring peace, comfort and refinement.



Product Details

Blush Assorted Teas by Vahdam Teas.Relish an exclusive Sweet Himalayan Green Tea that brings you a bouquet of fresh vegetal flavors with the sweet hint of stevia! Indulge in  Saffron Premium Masala Chai Tea that conjures a melody of flavors with its fresh aromatic spices, sweet almonds, saffron and premium Assam CTC black tea. Gratify your senses with an Earl Grey Masala Chai Tea with the warm, subtle spicy notes of traditional Indian masala chai tea and the uplifting notes of bergamot extracts. 

Minima Eva Mug by Viva Scandinavia. When you first fell in love with tea, it was probably from drinking a freshly brewed pot of loose leaf. Let’s face it, no one falls in love with a tea bag. Rekindle your love of tea by brewing perfect cups right in your hand. It’s as easy as it sounds.

Rose Gold Heart Infuser by Pinky Up!  Brewed with love. This rose gold heart tea infuser also doubles as a stir stick. Food safe stainless steel with rose gold finish. A joint clasp keeps loose leaf tea contained.

Raspberry Luxe Sugar Cubes by Teaspressa. An all natural sugar cube, infused with bold raspberry and cane sugar. These cubes feature a refreshing tart raspberry taste! Drop these in Champagne or anything sparkling for a magic bubbly show. Vanilla Luxe Sugar Cubes may be substituted.

Peony Shimmer Candle by SOi Company.The Roses Collection glass is textured with a classic geometric 3D cube pattern and colored to match the rose that served as fragrance and packaging inspiration. Pink Peony, Blushed Tuberose and White Musk. 8oz Soy Candle, Approx. 45 hour Burn time.

Rose Soaps. Set of 4.  Adds a silkiness to water. Perfect in a powder room. A soft and delicate Rosewater scent.

Seagrass Basket. Perfect for storage at home or the cottage.

* Add your choice of Handmade Shortbread Cookies for an elevated treat experience*