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All Is Calm

“Calmness is the cradle of power." 
—Josiah Gilbert Holland

A sophisticated gift of self care. An array of exquisite finds that speaks to the power of quiet contemplation and calm. In a departure from the expected holiday color palette, this gesture is quietly elegant. Designed to celebrate the holiday season, birthdays and an elevated thinking of you.


Product Details

Tree Stack Candle and Incense Holder by Paddywax. Cypress Fir. These textured ceramic pieces are inspired by native cypress trees, cozy fireplaces, and the feeling of togetherness.  Cypress & Fir is a fine fragrance with notes of frosted fir needle, white eucalyptus, and crushed pine cone to bring the aroma of a fresh forest into your home.

Rosehip and Clay Facial Mask by Formulary 55. Geranium and ComfreyDetoxify and soften naturally with this gentle pink clay facial mask. Suitable for all skin types. 0.75 oz. envelope. Contains: French white and pink clay, rosehip powder, ground comfrey root, and organic rose geranium essential oil.

Sparkling Bath Tablet by Formulary 55. Fleuriste. Formulary 55's newest scent inspired by fresh flower stalls and traditional florist shops. Fleuriste is modern floral blend with a green twist. This scent is a mix of pink carnations, peonies, cut leaves, and spring flowers.

Hand and Body Créme by Formulary 55. Sweet Pea and Clover. A fresh green & springy scent. This lightweight hand créme contains 5% shea butter. The essential oils in this hand creme are blended in unique scents ranging from subtle to invigorating. May vary according to availability.

Incense by Cedar and Myrrh. Black Copal.Creates sacred spaces, to invite creativity, abundance, and positive loving energy.

Giftsmith Gift Box.Reusable and perfect for storing mementos.