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Leitz "Eins-Zwei-Zero" Sparkling Rosé Alcoholic Free

Wines without alcohol can often taste flat and hollow—but not this bottle. It tastes lifted and pure—luminous, even—with bright raspberry and cranberry flavour while retaining the elegance and delicacy you want in a sparkling wine. The wine is sweet but well-balanced with vibrant acidity, so each sip finishes clean and dry-tasting. Serve this pure Pinot Noir with fried chicken and hot sauce for a treat.
This non-alcoholic sparkling rosé is made entirely from pinot noir.
The grapes macerate for 6 hours prior to pressing giving this a gorgeous pink hue. The sparkling nature of this wine balances out the residual sugar, making it appear even drier than it it is. Because of that, it's even more wine-like on the palate. 
Sparkling wine from Rheingau - Germany