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Sanctuary - 3oz Petite Black Wax Candle

Soft golden light emanates peacefulness through warm and sensual perfume notes. Fragrant ginger, coriander and sparkling mimosa scent the air. Delicate iris petals and temple sandalwood add depth to the ritual of light.

Natural Wax 3 oz Candle in Smoke Grey Mouth Blown Glassware

Flatten the beautiful origami-style box, as the scent of each candle leaves its mark and can be slipped into a drawer to emit a delicate fragrance.

16 hours of a delicate fragrant atmosphere when burned properly.

Candles are tinted black with ingredients extracted from vegetable oils  

Inky black when lit, a light grey crystallization or texture may appear on the unlit candle surface. This is considered a unique part of working with natural colorants.