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S'mores Wars The Campfire Card Game of Snack Attacks

A sweet and sticky game for the whole family!
S'mores Wars is a fast-paced, competitive, card-drafting game of cute food with a dark twist. In a race to collect the perfect s'more, you must sic marshmallows against your opponents' to squish, chomp, and toast them-before yours are smashed themselves! 3-5 players battle for best ingredients to create the s'mores with the highest scores. In the end, the player with the most points wins the S'mores Wars!
Ages 8+, 3-5 players
Quick and easy to play and replay (games last 15-30 minutes)
• Contents: 25 Battle cards, 55 Ingredient cards, 20 round selection tokens, 5 Tiebreaker cards, 1 game board, instructions
• Perfect for fans of fast-paced card games like Go Nuts for Donuts, Slamwich, and Sushi Go! as well as strategic games like Exploding Kittens
Packaged in a lightweight, travel-friendly box, this is a great portable game to take camping or on a family vacation-or play it at home for a fun yet competitive game night.