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Brew Bliss

“There is no comparison to the seductive aroma of a good brew. Whether bold or mellow, the perfect perk is both comforting and stimulating." 
—The Giftsmith

A sophisticated gift for the coffee lover. An array of café inspired finds that speaks to the infinite power of the humble coffee bean. A gesture to show gratitude, celebrate birthdays and an elevated thinking of you.


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Product Details

Coffee and Vanilla Bean Candle by US Apothecary. A seductive blend of roasted coffee, black orchid and vanilla creates this intoxicating scent.

Cortado Cups. Ceramic cups for beautiful espresso drinks and perfect latte art. The sleek metal bottom adds glamour.

Coffee by The Little Coffee Bag Co. Made in England. Individually wrapped luxury coffee bags. Designed to make a cafetière style coffee without the grind. Organic coffee from Papua New Guinea and Columbia with creamy notes of milk chocolate,toasted nuts and a subtle plum finish.

Coffee Mini Chocolate by Mast.  Handmade. leave on bedside in case of emergencies.

Brass Spoon. An elevated stir utensil. For adding warmth and glamour.

Marble Heart Tray. The perfect accessory for bits and baubles. May vary according to availability.

Giftsmith Keepsake Wood Box. Engravable and reusable and perfect for storing mementos.

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