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Fall Sweet Fall

I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature"
—Frederich Nietzche

Understated choices make this a quietly luxurious gesture. The texture of the coffee husk eco cup creates contrast, while the muted tones speak of coziness and warmth.

A versatile and sophisticated seasonal choice for friends and family, hostess, employee appreciation and warming a home.

Product Details

Huskee Cup. A designer reusable coffee cup. Huskee Cup features coffee husk as a raw material. Sustainable, versatile and beautiful. Size: 12oz

Gochujang Chai Tea by Onyx Coffee Lab. A balance of savory heat and warm sweetness. The ultimate cup of chai with a full body and delicate spice notes. Enjoyable on its own and comforting when paired with your favorite milk.

Spiced Apple Cookies by Makabi and Sons. Shortbread butter cookies with spiced apples. Auburn tinged leaves descend from lush trees. Layers of flavor balance a tingling spiced punch atop sweet crispness.

Milk Chocolate Toffee Pretzels.You can't beat this crunch, taste and texture! Enjoy the festivities with six artisan milk chocolate covered crunchy pretzels sprinkled with toffee bits.

"Leaves" Candle by North + 29 Candle. This modern brushed gold travel-friendly tin is perfect for your travels or smaller spaces. This fragrance captures the essence of fallen leaves. Burn time 20 hours.

Presented in our signature gift box embellished with a hand tied grosgrain ribbon