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“Be someone who embraces imagination and intrigue over fear and regret.”
—The Giftsmith

Encourage dreams of turquoise oceans and wild salty air. Mesmerize special friends in life with ocean inspired finds that elevates the thinking of you or I have missed you gesture. Celebrate friendships with a touch of mer-magic.


Product Details

Sea Clay Body Mask by Formulary 55. An all over detoxifying body treatment mask that is especially effective on the neck, back, and decolletage.  Designed to tone, treat, and tighten; this purifying body mask removes impurities, pollutants and excess oils without stripping the skin.  

Sea Mineral Body Polish by Formulary 55. Grapefruit and Rosemary. Detoxify your skin and refresh your senses with this therapeutic blend of salts and pure essential oils.

Island Air Candle by Sweet Water Decor. Imagine waking up on a beautiful island, windows are open and the morning breeze blows the white curtains as you hear the sound of the ocean in the distance. 

Beach Waves Ocean Hair Texturizer by Earth Harbor. Breathe fresh energy into your daily hair ritual with this uplifting mango sea salt spray. With an identical salinity to the Atlantic Ocean, she gives you that sea-swept beach style with subtle volume and sexy texture you have been longing for since your day at the beach.

Luxury White Tipped Matches. Each square, apothecary match bottle stores 40, 2" matches, each with luxury white tips. Safe from water splashes and pretty enough to showcase on your mantel. The strike-on-bottle design is truly unique. 

Giftsmith Gift Box. Reusable and perfect for storing mementos.